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The Belek region on the Mediterranean coast is located 30kilometers on the east side of Antalya province. The natural beauty of Belek was discovered in 1984 and the region was proclaimed as the "Belek Tourism Center" with the cooperation of the Belek Tourism Investors Association and the Tourism Ministry.  In later years, Belek has grown up fast. Recently it was chosen by the Tourism Ministry as to be a tourism model not just for today's tourists, but also for the tourists of the next thousand years. 2000-year-old ancient Aspendos theatre and the ancient Perge city are only half-an-hour drive to Belek and worth seeing.
Belek is famous for its pine nut forest, golf sport and rich flora.   Twenty-nine of the574 different plants in the region are endemic and only live in this unequalled atmosphere

The golf facilities enable individuals and groups to play throughout the twelve months of the year including the winter sunshine period that averages over six sunshine hours a day. Records show over 300 days of sunshine annually for the region.

In the region, there are thirty-three 4-star and 5-star hotels, the first quality holiday villages and six golf clubs. It is also becoming a popular place for living with its villas, house and apartments for sale. There are daily, even hourly tours from all the private villas and apartments, at the neighborhood to the golf field and bookings are available via these tours and clubs. We have various kinds of villas, houses and apartments for golf players in our portfolio.

 Golf courses: While planning the course, the architects took into special account the wishes and expectations of European golfers. The perfect sight of the golf courses present the wonderful panorama and landscape of the neighborhood while providing the golf players with terrific golf pleasure and struggle. Some annex fields are being planned for the development of the golf facilities.

Belek on Turkey's shores is one of 17 regions where "caretta caretta" turtles prefer to lay their eggs.   Belek is also a bird paradise as well, where the camouflaged owl can be tracked 12 months of the year and is the symbol of the Belek region and where 109 different bird species including the Tyto Alba live.


3 hours' flight from Europe
Approximately 3.5 hours from London
From the Antalya international Airport  to Belek is 30 minutes
From Antalya Istanbul by air; 55 minutes
Regular communications,                    
80-150meters of sandy beach,
300 days of sunshine,
Average sea temperature: +22 Cº,
Average humidity 55 %.


 October 28 C° , November 21 C°,December 16 C°, January 15 C° ,February 16 C° March 18 C°,April 22 C°.


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