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Situated on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in South Anatolia,  The Antalya Gulf covers an area of 20.815 square kilometres.Over three quarters of the region is covered by mountainous terrain called the Tauraus Mountains.  Some ten of these mountains are over 2500 metres high with two exceeding 3000 metres .  About 60 % of the region is covered within pine forest and Mediterranean plant life. There are many independent rivers flowing down from the mountains into the sea.  The Antalya plains offer fertile soil for agriculture.  290 km of the 590 km coast is natural beach.The geographical richness of Antalya has attracted many diverse civilizations over the centuries


Antalya has got the name “Turkish Riviera” thanks to its archeological and natural beauties. Antalya, where sea, sun, history and nature combine in a magical harmony, holds the most beautiful and cleanest seashores of the Mediterranean. Ancient cities, ancient ports, mausoleums, lace-like bays, sands, green forests and streams are present throughout 630 km – long Antalya shores.

Antalya, the most important tourism center of Turkey with modern spaces and Kaleiçi that has avenues aligned with palm trees, international-award winner marina, traditional architecture, hosts events such as Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, International Beach Volley, Triathlon, Golf Contests, Archery, Tennis, Ski competitions and several cultural and artistic events such as plastic arts, music, theater, exhibition etc. at Antalya Cultural Center opened in 1995.

The city of Antalya is situated on rocks, which are 39 meters above the sea level, at the gulf bearing its own name at the Mediterranean shore. Plains with different sizes, which are located between the seashore and Taurus Mountains at 3086 m height, are the first views that strike your eyes in Antalya and surroundings. Land and sea come together at kilometers of beaches or steep rocks. Unique cliffs, scarps between Taurus Mountains and caves at locations close to the shore grant a distinct feature to this region.

Lots of large and small streams deriving from southern slopes of Taurus Mountains flow abundance to plains and reach the Mediterranean. These waters, which are completely clean and clear, form peerless waterfalls while they pass by and pour into sea.

Nature in Antalya is very rich in terms of vegetation cover. All kinds of tropical plants can be seen throughout the shoreline. Cactus kinds, which reach enormous sizes from place to place, immediately attract attention of new guests of Antalya. When you move away from the shore and go to piedmonts of Taurus Mountains, you will see dominance of scrubs, which is peculiar to the Mediterranean countries. Healthy and lush forests, which include all kinds of oak and pine trees, follow the scrubs. Cotton and sesame fields, orange, leman and banana gardens offer you a different beauty at plain regions.

4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter are present only on calendars in Antalya. Because there is no winter here. That is, snow and hail fall in April 1985 was the shocking news, as it happens only once in 60 years. Summer is hot and dry. Rainy and warm climate is dominant in other months. Annual average temperature is 18.7 °C. There is no fall on 309.5 days of the year as an average. It is quite rare that temperature goes below °C. According to observations for the last 40 years, the highest temperature happened out to be 44.6 °C.

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