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спальни гостинная площадь Цена

The hotel is located on the main road, just in 50 m from the equipped beach of Konjaalty in the city of Antalia. In 30 minutes of driving from hotel there is an International airport, in 15 minutes – the central city square with shops and markets, in 25 minutes – the resort city of Kemer.

The hotel territory represents a well-groomed green garden on which there is a summer open cafe and restaurant.

In a hotel building there are reception desk, lobi-bar and vacation place is located. On a roof - the big terrace from which the tremendous view of the sea opens.

The hotel is ready to welcome 60 visitors, that is totals 22 standard rooms, 2 from which are specially equipped for people with the limited possibilities. In each room the kitchen set, the conditioner, in a bathroom shower-cabin is established, the floor is covered by a qualitative ceramic tile.

The hotel has possibility to build a swimming pool in its territory.

The price is 1 100 000 Euro.

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По России бесплатный звонок : 8 800 333 71 00
Москва: +7 499 348 11 55
Казахстан : +7 727 350 52 66
Турция: +90 212 900 89 01

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